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Below is a list of some individual church congregation web sites. If you would like to add yours to the list then e-mail us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is the Net Cardiff? stars

The Net Cardiff project is an initiative of Evangelical Alliance Wales, This website has been created as part of that project to connect Evangelical churches from across Cardiff. The idea of the website is to provide news, events and important information for those inside and outside the church. We hope you enjoy using it.  


TheNetCardiff has been set up as just one way to bring some hope and good news to City of Cardiff. Having been born and brought up in Cardiff I want to see Cardiff as a city of hope and good news and see peoples lives changed and transformed.

 Steve Harris - Coordinator The Net Cardiff

The Net Cardiff will play a key role in the well being of the city. I believe that the people of Cardiff can only benefit from so many churches and organisations working together to serve our communities with the Good News.

Elfed Godding - National Director of Evangelical Alliance Wales


Explore the Christian Faith

To be honest with you the best way to find out about church is to visit one!


Here are just a few ways you can find out more about the Christian faith 

Your local church

We understand that many people may have had a negative experience of church in the past and we are really sorry if that has been your experience but we would ask you to give church another try.

Many would have you believe that churches are on the way out and is out of date. We would suggest to you that if you take the time to check it out you may be very surprised at what you find.

There are many Evangelical Churches in Cardiff of many of different types from large churches with many hundreds attending there main Sunday service, to small churches with only a few people on a normal sunday. Some will particularly suit those with young familes, other try meet the needs of young people and other for a more mature congregation. Some larger churches even have a variety of service in the day of different types and styles. Some churches are have many nationalities, some feature very modern music others more traditional. The variety is great but what joins them together is a love for God and love for people.

So why not try out a church and if you don't quite feel the first church you visit is the one for you check out some others to see which suits you but most importantly where you feel you can hear God voice into your life. 

This can often be a great place to find out about the Christian faith and Jesus, so check out our listing of local churches in Cardiff that should be able to help you. Find at Church

A local course 


This is a great course to introduce you to the Christians faith and there a number of churches in Cardiff that regularly run this course. If often takes the format of a evening group with a meal, a talk and opportunity to discuss your questions each week.

Click here to find a course near you 

Christianity explored

This is another great course to introduce you to the Christians faith and there a number of churches in Cardiff that regularly run this course. 

Click here to find a course near you 

Visit a great website

There are a number of great websites that will give you help in exploring the Christians faith and take you on a journey of discovery. Here are a few that we would really encourage you to check out both the same subject but presented in slightly different ways. 



Contact us as the Net Cardiff

We would love to link you up with someone in Cardiff who can help you on this journey of discovery. If you need to chat with someone then why not drop is an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Healing Rooms

Healing Rooms provide a safe, caring and confidential environment where anyone can come to receive prayer for any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problems by the power of God and through the name of Jesus Christ. People from any faith or none are welcome and prayer is offered free of charge.

To find out when they meet and how you can receive prayer please visit the website here 

The Healing Rooms is run by the House of Prayer team. they are dedicated intercessors who meet at 7pm on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Friday of every month to pray into matters that relate to the local communities, church leadership, missions, the nation, and also international issues.

All those wishing to receive prayer who are unable to attend Healing Rooms on the first Friday of the month are welcome to attend after 8:30pm (the end time is open to change).

Prayer House

A Prayer House for the city of Cardiff:

hosted by Bethany Church, St Mellons, Cardiff

A venue in the city of Cardiff for individuals and groups to seek God in a peaceful environment.

It will also host a number of worship and prayer events to encourage and stimulate prayer for our city.

Together for the Kingdom

The Prayerhouse, hosted by Bethania Church, was conceived by a number of Cardiff churches of different denominational backgrounds.

In addition to providing a space for private and corporate prayer, the Prayerhouse will provide a focal point

To Pray For:

  • God to move by his spirit so that our city may be known as a place where ‘Jesus is’
  • Justice and righteousness to prevail at all levels

To worship:

  • Alone or together with others
  • In rest and refreshment in the presence of God

Regular Family Events

The Net Cardiff Churches put on a whole host of events for the children and families during the week that you may like to be involved in. Everything from mums and tots to kids clubs and youth clubs. Check out below and for more information click on the churches website links. This list will grow as we have only had time to include a selection of The Net Cardiff Churches events! We want to highlight what is on for children and young people in Churches all across Cardiff.


Please check as many of these events are only in term times. Some events also carry a small cost for attendance so please check before attending 

Does your Church run a kids club, mums and tots group, youth group - why not email us the details (in the format below) and we will try and add them to our weekly schedule?



Day of week Start Time End Time Event Area Where? For who?
Monday 09:30 11:00 Mums and Tots group Whitchurch Ararat Baptist Church Mums and Tots
Monday 09:30 11:00 Tots and Toys Llandaff North Llandaff North Community Church children aged 0 – 4 accompanied by a carer
Monday 10:00 11:15 Toddler Music Cathays Highfields children aged 0 – 4 accompanied by a carer
Monday 11:00 12:00 Tots and Toys St Mellons Beacon Centre children aged 0 – 4 accompanied by a carer
Monday 13:00 14:30 Sprogz Llanedyrn  Glenwood Year 3 to 6
Monday 19:00 21:00 Chill Night Rhiwbina RBC Years 7-13
Monday 19:30 21:00 SafeZone St Mellons Beacon Centre Age 11-16
Monday 19:30 21:30 Wave Llandeyrn Glenwood Year 10 to 13
Tuesday 10:00 11:30 Little Beans Gabalfa/Cathays All Nations Church Mums and Tot group
Tuesday 13:45 15:15 Mums and Toddlers Whitchurch Bethel Baptist Church Mums and Toddler Group
Tuesday 18:15 19:30 Kid Zone Whitchurch Bethel Baptist Church Age 6 to 10 years
Wednesday 09:30 11:30 Mums and Tots Gabalfa Gablafa Baptist Church Parents and Toddlers
Wednesday 09:30 11:00 Toys and Tots Rumney Rumney Chapel Parents and Toddlers
Wednesday 09:30 12:00 Miniscules @ Mac Roath Mackintosh Evangelical Church Parents and Toddlers
Wednesday 10:00 12:00 Totsplus Canton Calvary Baptist Church For parents, carers and toddlers
Wednesday 10:00 11:15 Toddler Music Cathays Highfields children aged 0 – 4 accompanied by a carer
Wednesday 10:30 12:00 Tots and Toys Thornhill Thornhill Church Parents and Toddlers
Wednesday 12:00 14:00 Baby Beans Gabalfa/Cathays All Nations Church Mums and babies (0-12 months)
Wednesday 13:00 14:30 Tots and Toys Thornhill Thornhill Church Parents and Toddlers
Wednesday 17:00 18:00 Kidz Club Cathays Highfields Years Reception to year 2
Wednesday 18:00 19:15 Kidz Club + Cathays Highfields Years 3 to year 4
Wednesday 18:15   Supergang Rhiwbina Bethesda Church For Junior School Age Children
Wednesday 18:15 19:30 Let's Go Club City Centre City Temple Children School year 1-6
Wednesday 18:30 19:45 Emerge Rhiwbina RBC Years 7-13
Wednesday 19:00   Rock Solid Cyncoed Park End Church Age 10 to 14
Wednesday 19:30 21:00 Reality City Centre City Temple Youth School years 7-9
Thursday 09:30 11:00 Little Steps Rhiwbina RBC Mums and Tots
Thursday 09:30 11:00 Mums and Tots group Whitchurch Ararat Baptist Church Mums and Tots
Thursday 10:00 11:30 Tiddlywinks (Toddler group) Cathays Highfields children aged 0 – 4 accompanied by a carer
Thursday 10:00   Mums and Tots Fellowship Llandaff Calvary Chapel Cardiff Mums and Tots (every other week) please check venue
Thursday 13:30 15:00 Tiddlywinks (Toddler group) Cathays Highfields children aged 0 – 4 accompanied by a carer
Thursday 13:30 15:00 Little Steps Rhiwbina RBC Mums and Tots
Thursday 17:30 18:30 Pathfinders Rhiwbina RBC Age 4-7’s
Thursday 18:00 19:00 Check-it-out Thornhill Thornhill Church Years 3-6
Thursday 18:00 19:30 SafeZone St Mellons Beacon Centre Age 7-11
Thursday 18:30 20:00 eXplore Lisvane Lisvane Baptist Church Age 10-14 and Age 7-10
Thursday 18:30 19:30 Supergang Gabalfa Gablafa Baptist Church Primary school age
Thursday 18:30 19:30 Countdown Llandaff North Llandaff North Community Church School years 1-6
Thursday 18:30 19:45 Rock Solid Rhiwbina RBC Age 7-11’s
Thursday 18:45 19:55 My Space Roath Mackintosh Evangelical Church Year 3 to 6
Thursday 19:00 21:00 Mud Llandeyrn Glenwood Year 7 to 9
Thursday 19:30 20:45 The Venue Roath Mackintosh Evangelical Church Year 7 to 9
Thursday 19:30 21:00 Boxfresh City Centre City Temple School Years 10-13
Thursday 19:30 21:00 Impact Thornhill Thornhill Church Years 7-9
Thursday 18:30 19:45 Rock Solid Rhiwbina RBC Age 7-11’s
Friday 09:30 11:00 Mums and Tots group Whitchurch Ararat Baptist Church Mums and Tots
Friday 09:30 11:00 Tiny Tunes Rhiwbina RBC Mums and Tots Music
Friday 09:30 10:00 Tiny Tunes Rhiwbina RBC Mums and Tots Music
Friday 10:30 11:00 KidzClub Rumney Rumney Chapel 5-11’s
Friday 17:55 19:15 5-2-6 Club Cathays Highfields Reception to Year 2
Friday 18:00   KidzClub Juniors St Mellons/Trowbridge Bethania Church Age 7 to end of year 5
Friday 18:30   Chill Out Gabalfa Gablafa Baptist Church Years 7 to 10
Friday 19:00   Youth Llandaff North Llandaff North Community Church High School Age
Friday 19:00 21:00 Youth Club Lisvane Lisvane Baptist Church Age 11 to 17
Friday 19:30 21:00  NCY Youth Group Gabalfa/Cathays All Nations Church Age 11 to 18
Friday 19:30   Youth Group Rhiwbina Bethesda Church For Those in High School
Friday 19:00 21:00 Youth Club Cathays WoodyBap Year 7+
Friday 19:30 21:15 The Edge Cathays Highfields Years 7 to 9
Friday 19:30 21:30 RYC Rumney Rumney Chapel 11-16’s
Friday 19:45 22:00 The Gen Cathays Highfields Year 10+
Saturday 08:30 10:00 DadsOut Whitchurch Bethel Baptist Church For Dads and kids up to 7 years old
Sunday 18:00   Catch - Youth Group Llandeyrn Capital Church High School Age
Sunday 19:00 21:00 Mr Soul Llandeyrn Glenwood For boys to play rough games etc (once a month)

Help me find a Church in Cardiff

Below is a list of churches that are in some way connected with The Net Cardiff.

How do you choose a church?

Looking for a church can be a bit like choosing a meal from KFC. Most KFC meals contain chicken but they come in various flavours and a whole range of things you can have with it! Sadly some meals can also contain additives that the "Chef" never intended to be part of the menu!

Church can be a bit like that. One of the key things is to make sure Jesus, and the teaching about him found in the Bible, are at the Centre of whatever church you visit, some of the other stuff - like music and service style - is about what you like and what is to your taste. What is also important is how you can be a part of the overall flavour so that others are attracted to Jesus too. Just make sure whatever church you visit has the correct central "ingredient." If you need a bit of help get in contact

(For the theologians amongst you, we know the analogy is not perfect so please don't throw your Bargain Bucket at us - it is a just a way helping people who don't know what church is like to get a flavour of what we are talking about!)

The list below represents churches of many different sizes and styles.

   Some are very traditional in their music or preaching style, others are very contemporary. 

   Some have large congregations of many hundreds attending their main Sunday services, and others are much smaller. 

   Some attract people from all over the city to their services and some have a very local focus. 

Over time we hope to add more information to this section so don't forget to revisit us soon. If you are looking for a church to attend then feel free to contact The Net Cardiff and we will try and help you find a church that will suit you and your needs.

(If details below are incorrect please let us know so we can keep them up to date.)


Church Name Where they meet  Website Detials
Abundant Grace and Mercy Ministries   No Website
Adamsdown Gospel Hall Adamsdown No Website
Agape Community Church   No Website
Ainon Baptist Church Tongwynlias
Albany Road Baptist Church Roath
Alfred Tilly Memorial Baptist Church Rumney
All Nations  Gabalfa
Arabic Church in Wales Meeet at RBC Rhiwbina No Website
Ararat Baptist Church Whitchurch
Beacon Church St Mellons
Belmount Baptist church Tremorfa
Bethania Church St Mellons
Bethany Baptist Church  Rhiwbina
Bethel Baptist Church Whitchurch
Bethesda Rhiwbina
Caersalem Baptist Church Old St Mellons
Calvary Baptist Church Canton
Calvary Chapel Cardiff Llandaff
Calvary Church Of God In Christ Roath
Canton Gospel Hall Canton No Website
Capital Church Pentwyn No Website
Capital City Church Roath
Cardiff Chinese Christian Church Canton
Cardiff Christian Life Centre Roath
Cardiff Church of Christ Pontcanna
Cardiff Ely Salvation Army Ely No Website
Cardiff Freedom Church City Centre
Cardiff International Church Cathays
Cardiff Korean Church Cathays
Cardiff Vineyard Church Roath
Castleton Baptist Church Castleton
Cathays Methodist Church Cathays
Christchurch United Church   No Website
Church of God of Prophecy   No Website
Church of Jesus Christ in Cardiff   No Website
City Church (Formerly City Temple Church) Riverside
Connections Network of Churches   No Website
Conway Road Methodist & Christchurch Fairwater Various
Cornwall Street Baptist Church Grangetown
Cyncoed Methodist Church Cyncoed
DFC Fairwater
Ebenezer Gospel Hall Grangetown
Eglwys Efengylaidd Gymraeg Cathays
El-Shaddia International Centre Llanedeyrn
Elijah Centre Embassy - Cardiff   No Website
Ely Baptist Church Ely
Ely Evangelical Church Ely No Website
Emmanuel Evangelical Baptist Gabalfa
Frank Webster Memorial Church of the Nazarene   No Website
Freedom Church City Centre
Gabalfa Baptist Gabalfa
Glan-Y-Llyn Gospel Hall   No Website
Glenwood Church Llanedeyrn
Grace Communion International Rhiwbina
Grangetown Baptist Church Grangetown
Heath Evangelical Church Cathays
Heath Gospel Hall Heath No Website
Highfields Church Cathays
Immanuel Church Ely
La Porte des Brebis Church   No Website
Lanishen Baptist Llanishen
Leckwith Gospel Hall Leckwith
Life Church Roath
Lighthouse Chapel   No Website
Lisvane Baptist Livane
Llandaff North Christian Centre Llandaff North
Llandaff Presbyterian Reformed Ch. Llandaff
Llanrumney Community Church Llanrumney
Llanishen Baptist Church Llanishen
Llanishen Evangelical Church Llanishen
Mackintosh Evangelical Roath
Minster Christian Centre Roath
Nantgarw Gospel Hall Nantgarw No Website
New Hope Community Church Llanrumney
New Hope Centre Grangetown
New Life Church Cardiff Fairwater
New Testament Church of God/ Welcome Mission Butetown
Oasis Christian Fellowship - Cardiff Ely No Website
Park End church Lakeside
Pentyrch Street Baptist Church Cathays
Pontprennau Community Church Centre Pontprennau No Website
Potters Temple - Covenant Word Intl Ministries   No Website
Praise Christian Centre International Church   No Website
Radyr Baptist Church Radyr No Website
River City Church Cathays/City Centre
RBC - Rhiwbina Baptist Church Rhiwbina
Room For You St Mellons
Rumney Gospel Chapel Rumney
Salem - Llantwit Fardre Llantwit Fardre No Website
Salvation Army - Canton Canton
Salvation Army - Cardiff East Corps Cardiff East
Salvation Army - Cathays Cathays
Salvation Army - Grangetown Corps Grangetown
Shiloh Pentecostal Fellowship Riverside
Siloam Baptist Llanrumney
St Denys Church Lisvane
St Marks CIW Gabalfa
Tabernacle Church Roath
The Gap Roath
The Garden of the Lord - Cardiff Tremorfa
The Wales Korean Church Thornhill
Thornhill Church Thornhill
Tredegarville Baptist Church Roath
Trinity Methodist Church Roath
Wayside United Church of Jesus Christ Cathays No Website
Woody Baptist Cathays
Y Capel Annibynwyr Gymraeg - Minny Street Cathays
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