"Prayer changes things" - a Pray resource for 2019

There's no better to time to think about how to engage in Prayer than this time of year.   Most of us feel we could learn more about how to pray and breakthrough into the fullness of what God has for our lives.

Prayer Magazine is a great little resource to help that.  With in depth articles from some of the UK's best speakers and a constant source of encouragement to help us in our prayer life.  

You can get subscriptions now for individuals and Churches, with upto 55% off over the New Year.

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The first edition of 2019, looks at gaining a new perspective.  There are excellent and informative articles from key Christian Leaders around the UK.

Articles in this Magazine include:

Evangelists believing for the Nation to be changed in 2020, By Advance 2020

One simple change that retired by Relationship with God www.godsfingerprint.com

Where does Transformation begin in our Communities by Debra Green

RESET by Sarah Whittleston to list just a few.

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